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What are you up to?

I’ve been taking a course with Pip Lincoln, of meetmeatmikes.com fame, to improve some of my technical skills for this blog. its been an interesting journey so far – I am NOT very tech savvy! But I have learnt a lot, and theres been a lot of chopping and changing of layouts (and not much blogging) while I figure it all out!

I thought I’d join in with the Taking Stock List from Pips blog, so I could, you know, take stock, of all the things I am up to at the moment. So here goes…


Making : An embroidery of my son sleeping, some new pants for teddy, a picture for my lounge room made of felt, a few watercolours, some quilts, some bird mobiles… I think I have issues finishing things!

Cooking : Pumpkin and Coconut soup

Drinking : Chocolate Chai from my very best rabbit mug

Reading: Some classic detective stories by MC Beaton

Wanting: A new chair to read books in for my lounge room

Looking: At the petunias in my garden

Playing: with my blog!

Deciding: On blog templates.. and new chairs

Wishing: my new kitchen could magically appear, without the hassle of demo and building

Enjoying: the new x files series

Waiting: For the next book by MC Beaton

Liking: My bed

Wondering: If I should hunt for a preschool for my daughter yet, and how on earth to manage all the food stuff if she goes.

Loving: Cake!

Pondering: A really big painting of flowers that currently lives in my head

Considering: Layouts for the new kitchen

Hoping: I can figure out how to get this website sorted by myself!

Needing: to sell some more colouring books

Smelling: Focus oil blend from Pure Botanicals

Wearing: An excellent dress covered in cats

Following: www.abeautifulmess.com

Noticing: My little boys’ reading skills emerging

Knowing: That I have too many ideas and need to focus!

Thinking: About writing a to do list… again

Feeling: motivated

Admiring: My clever and creative sister

Sorting: a never ending mountain of kid stuff

Buying: A reading chair!

Getting: Lots of packages from amazon after I bought too many books last week

Bookmarking: www.meetmeatmikes.com

Disliking: Nauru

Opening: New books

Snacking: or trying not to!

Coveting: That reading chair again…

Helping: My daughter make a collage. Scissors are so fun when you’re 3.

Hearing: another bloody Barbie movie. When did barbie become all about fairies and mermaids?

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  1. Hey, well done you! I’m inspired by your Making. There are so many things I want to make and do. I should get more motivated.

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