Studio Flood

It’s a sad day for my studio. After the torrential rain on the weekend, I went out to check on my studio space today, and it was very, very wet. I had a big pile of watercolour paper that I’d painted for collages, some glitter paper and some beautiful Nepalese paper stored on the floor as I’d run out of space. It’s all wet! The carpet is wet, some of my furniture is swelling, the ceiling is bubbling.

I’m feeling very grateful that it is not my whole studio. My desk and computer are ok. Thankfully all my silk was stored in sealed plastic tubs, and is dry.

Hopefully as I clean up, I won’t find more damage. Sigh.

In in the grand scheme of things, I know I am very lucky. People have lost their entire homes. But I may be a bit quieter on the creative front, while I deal with tradespeople to fix the roof and clean up the mess.

Anyone else get hit by the wild weather?

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