No more baking… For now.

Yesterday was a sad day for my tired kitchen. My oven died! I am going to be lost without it!

We’ve been planning a new kitchen for ages. We’ve had a cabinet maker draw up plans. We’ve been getting quotes from all of the tradesman. We’re almost ready to go.

So so no more time to procrastinate. I need a new oven NOW! (Not to mention the dodgy tap that’s currently held together by a dishcloth).

So, oven has been ordered. Tap has been ordered. I have bench samples to decide on. I’m finalising the specs for my stove. It’s all happening! I am not looking forward to the demolition/no kitchen part. That’s going to suck! Especially since takeaway is so tricky for us. I foresee way too many french fries (one of my daughters few “safe” takeaway foods) in our future.

So there won’t be any cakey type baking recipes from me for a while. Not until I have my shiny new kitchen, complete with 90cm (!) oven.

Unless I can figure out how to make cakes 1980’s style in the microwave!

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