Make a cosy Pom Pom scarf!

A few years ago, (yes, years!) I bought a few metres of a medium weight wool fabric with the plan to make a scarf or shawl. I’ve finally got around to it! This scarf is wide enough to be worn as a shawl, or can be wrapped as a scarf if you need to be extra cosy.

To make the scarf, you will need:

A large piece of light or medium weight wool fabric. Mine was 160cm x 60cm, but you may want to adjust it to suit you (I am quite tall).
8 ply Wool remnants in bright colours
A wool needle
A few pins

Fold one edge of the fabric over twice, to make a 1cm hem. Pin about a 20cm section into place. Start to hem the fabric using blanket stitch. Continue the whole way around, pinning each section as you go. (I find if I pin the whole lot of a large piece, I end up getting stuck with pins!) Swap wool colours as desired.

Awesome blanket stitch tutorial if you need one


Next, make 4 pom poms. Mine were about 5cm in diameter. Stitch firmly onto corners, using about 4 stitches. (If you need a tutorial on how to make pom poms, here is a really simple one by Pip, from Meet Me at Mikes).

Finally, rug up in your cute new scarf!


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