Its almost Easter! Time for some craft…

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My children (ok, and me) get very excited about Easter. What’s not to love? Bunnies, chocolate, fluffy chickens, chocolate…

We are always looking for new crafty things to do to decorate the house. I found these cardboard bunnies at lincraft, and thought they’d be perfect for some Easter fun. We bought 3 bunnies, a large one for me, and smaller ones for the children.


I have a huge stash of lovely Japanese paper that I’ve decided I really must start using, so I got out all of the materials, ready to do some serious collage on the bunnies.

When doing collage with young children, it really helps if you have all the paper pre cut or torn, before the glue comes out. 3 year olds are very good assistants when it comes to ripping up paper!  We chose the paper together, and ripped up lots of tiny pieces.

Once we got started, I tried to convince Miss 3 to join in the collage fun, but she was adamant that paint and glitter was the way to go. My son opted for ALL THE STUFF. The children painted theirs with acrylic paint first. You really need a couple of coats of paint, so it isn’t streaky, so we let the bunnies dry in between coats.

Once we got to the gluing stage, we used Matt Mod Podge. We brushed it on in small sections (it dries quickly) with a wide, flat paintbrush, and worked our way through until the my whole bunny was covered. We also used it to help the glitter adhere.


This was really simple to do, and lots of fun. We decorated our bunnies over two sessions. Once they were fully dry, we made some pom poms, to finish them off. They are fairly durable, so the children can play with them (just don’t get them wet). This week has been full of colourful Easter Bunny Games!


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