Colouring Fun

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on images for a colouring book. I’ve always loved to colour. There’s few things more exciting then opening a brand new set of pencils, delighting in all of the colours, and their woody fragrance. So many possibilities!

There’s been lots of influences on my book so far. First and foremost though, is flowers. Real flowers, fake flowers, vintage floral fabrics, wallpaper designs, vintage embroidery, my own tiny courtyard garden, and all of the tiny city gardens I walk past each morning as I take my son to school.

I spent hours playing in my grandmothers garden with my sister as a child. The front yard was full of flowers. The back yard had huge camellias, that we tried to make perfume from. I do NOT recommend home made camellia perfume! Right down the back, was a mass of huge trees, that we pretended was a magical forest, with a giant bird cage in the middle.

So far, my book has some magical forest scenes, forest creature, birds, and flowers – LOTS of flowers. Some secret pathways, hidden doors, and other magical places. I’m having a lot of fun, and reliving some lovely childhood memories.

image image image

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