Collage Fun

Collage Fun

There’s something very restful about making a collage. Snipping all the little pieces, playing with the arrangement until satisfied, gluing things in place. I’ve been thinking about making some water colour collages for a long time. I started making big sheets of colour when I bought some new watercolours in Japan about 7 years ago. I was never quite sure what I would make with them, but I’ve finally started cutting them up, and making things. There are some gorgeous irridescent paints in my collection, and I’m really enjoying seeing the way the colours change in different lights.

I’ve been mainly making flowers, but I’ve also been making some birds. Something about all those little pieces lends itself to feather and petals so beautifully! Generally I sketch the image first, then start going through my paper to decide on colours. Then comes the cutting and gluing.



IMG_2191Peonies and Delphiniums square






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