Collage Fun

Collage Fun

There’s something very restful about making a collage. Snipping all the little pieces, playing with the arrangement until satisfied, gluing things in place. I’ve been thinking about making some water colour collages for a long time. I started making big sheets of colour when I bought some new watercolours in Japan about 7 years ago. I …

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A year ago.

A year ago

Tomorrow is my daughters birthday. I don’t know if all mothers do this, but when one of my children has a birthday coming up, I can’t help but think of how I was feeling when their birth was imminent. In my daughters case, I remember pacing all around the living room, for hours. I was …

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Food Allergy Awareness Week… Plus Muffins! (Top 8 allergen free)

This week is Food Allegy Awareness week. It’s feeling rather poignant at the moment, as this week I sent off my little girl to childcare, for the first time since she was accidentally given dairy there a couple of weeks ago. So I wrote this, feeling slightly sick, with an undercurrent of anxiety at the …

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Loss and Longing

This morning, I was walking my son to school, when a sudden wave of grief hit me like a tonne of bricks. It came seemingly out of nowhere. I realised there was a familiar scent in the air as I took a deep breath while I collected myself. I looked around, and realised there was …

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