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This blog began as a way to record my artistic endeavours as I moved from oil painter to illustrator. It has since evolved to include my allergy friendly recipes, so is part food blog, part arty stuff, with a bit of crafty fun along the way!

I graduated from UNSW College of Fine Arts, with a degree in Fine Arts (painting and drawing) and Education. After exhibiting oil paintings for a number of years, I transitioned to watercolours and pencil, with the occasional dalliance in textile based art. I take private commissions, sell my work locally, and sell my prints, cards and mobiles through my Etsy store.


My cooking experiments began when I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease 9 years ago. I have always loved food and cooking, so was determined to master gluten free baking! Things got more complicated, when my baby girl was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies at 7 months old. My recipes are all gluten, dairy, nut, pork and legume free (except soy). Many are also egg free, soy free, and suitable for vegans. We have also followed the RPAH elimination diet, so there are some low food chemical recipes included occasionally.

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